Truck Service and Repairs

From the smallest problem to a major motor rebuild or replacing your brakes and suspension, our staff undertake all truck service and truck repair work in our workshop.

We ensure replacement parts are quickly made available and your truck is back on the road where it belongs.

Truck Repairs

Whether you have a small, medium, or heavy-duty truck or trailer, we are here to take care of your needs. Our truck repair services include preventative maintenance services using the latest tools, equipment and methods and we can repair everything from school buses to national freight carriers.

We have a large, modern facility, and a highly experienced and motivated staff that provides personalised service and repairs for both individual customers and companies with entire fleets.

Some of our services include:

  • Engine repairs and rebuilds
  • Engine emission replacement
  • Gearbox repairs and replacement
  • Clutch repairs and replacement
  • Brake repairs and replacement
  • Springs and shock repairs and replacement
  • Differential repairs and replacement
  • Welding repairs
  • Electrical repairs

Major Truck Service

Our major truck service includes the following:
  • All fluids and filters changed
  • Full grease
  • Full inspection
  • Brake roller test
  • Front wheel bearing inspection
  • Engine wash

Minor Truck Service

Our minor truck service includes the following:
  • Oil and filter change
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Full grease
  • Full inspection
  • Brake roller test
  • Engine wash

Laser Wheel Alignment

Don’t let misaligned wheels cost you time and money on the road. Click here to view our specialised laser wheel alignment and laser axle alignment services.

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